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Calgary To Banff Shuttle Service

Traveling Between Calgary & Banff Has Never Been More Affordable & Fast.

We offer one-way trips and round trips for Calgary & Banff travelling with prices starting at $55/adult.

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Fully Customizable Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations With 24/7 Availability

Why Book With Vivo Green?

While most shuttle companies, taxi cabs, and rideshare companies charge an average of $150-$200 for transport between Calgary Airport and Banff, on average our customers can pay as little as $61.95 per person.

What do our shuttle buses offer?

  • More luggage space
  • More leg space
  • Charging stations for laptops and cell phones
  • Clean & sanitized shuttle buses
  • Water bottles
A table comparing our Banff prices to taxi cabs, car rentals, Uber & Lyft.
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What Happens After You Book?

We will email you the following when you book with us:

  • Bus Description: A description of our shuttle bus, license plate # and our drivers names as well as contact #.
  • Pick-up & drop-off location: We will pick you up from Calgary Airport (YYC) and drop you off to your hotel or residence in Canmore town.
  • Time & Shuttle Bus Details: We will provide you with updates on any transport delays due to bad weather conditions, etc. We will also list you the time it will take to visit your destination.
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What Our Shuttle Buses Look Like

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vivo green shuttle bus on road to canadian rockies


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions we often hear from our customers.

Let us know 72-hours from your booking date that you would like to cancel.

  • The driver will text you directly to your cell phone or give you a call for both shuttle types below:
    • Public Shuttle: We will stay an additional 10-15 minutes after your booked date. It is a public shuttle and we have to ensure everyone on the bus arrives at their destination on time.
    • Private Shuttle: We keep track of the flight’s delay status .. through text message or our driver will go on google to see flight delay/status. If they don’t respond to the text we will wait for 30-45 min.

We will directly call you if it is an emergency to let you know we are running late. If you decide to cancel we will provide you with a 100% refund.

We will send you an email before your pick-up date to let you know the driver’s name, license plate, vehicle color, and pick-up location.

We provide regular food breaks and washroom breaks at certain spots located between Calgary and Banff.

To give you an estimate if you are on a 11-seater shuttle bus we can fit up to 25 luggage’s on average. There is rarely been a situation where we cannot fit all the luggage’s due to the shuttles spaciousness.

It will take about 2 hours from Calgary downtown to Banff town. This excludes delays, food & washroom breaks.

When we visit Banff we will be able to drop you off directly to your hotel’s front door or place of residence so long as it is located within Banff town.

Dropped off at hotel spot or campsite? 

  • Banff Pick-Up/Drop-Off: We will drop you off directly to your hotel or residence as long as its in Banff town.

  • Calgary Pick-Up/Drop-Off: We will drop you off to Calgary airport and Crow Foot Ret Station.

What Our Travel Customers Said About Vivo Green?

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